Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Join Linda in tonight's chat: Get a Life Before You Get a Date

Tonight Founder/Linda will be leading a chat at 7:30 pm CST based on Chapter 2 of the Christian Dating ... Redefined DVD.

So what does it mean to get a life before you get a date? Get popular? Get rich? Get smart? Dr. Stephen W. Simpson tells us that it's imperative that you don't make dating the central focus of your life. It's an instant turn-off! So what's a guy or gal to do?

Find out tonight! This information is key to your success in dating. To participate in the chat:

go to: www.cacheconnections.com
click on: Community and Advice
click on: The Meeting Room
click on: Java screen (you may need to download free Java software)
enter your CC username or nickname and then the password: cachecommunity

See you in the "box." Oh, and CLICK HERE to view the trailer to the DVD.

~ Linda
Cache' Connections

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