Monday, January 3, 2011

The NYE Dice Game Was a Hit!

We packed about 40 singles into the private room at Pompeii in Schaumburg on New Year's Eve, where everyone was in good spirits as they enjoyed the icebreaker game, introductions, great Italian food and playing a new-to-many dice game called Bunco.

Laughter, encouragement, loud shouts of "bunco!" to receive a toss of the fuzzy Bunco dice were in the air. Kim and I were busy directing traffic, as the teams of two who had the highest score after each 5-minute round moved to the next table. After the first couple of rounds, everyone got the hang of the game and were able to loosen up and enjoy. The only slight glitches were people coming in late and leaving early, which left us scratching our heads for a few minutes, but we were able to "punt." Also, we played two out of the three intended rounds, but this allowed time for the guests to mingle and chat naturally without the race of the time clock.

Some guests had their photos taken for the website as a favor from CC, then we readied ourselves for the countdown for the New Year. We employed one of our male guests (who turned out to be quite boisterous) to do the announcements and lead the countdown. Yes, we had party hats, blowers, and toasts around the room to ring in the New Year with all the expected festivities.

This year's event was a little lower key than our past years, but with the singles being even more careful with their spending, and all the conflicting events, we were very pleased with the way this party turned out. The vast majority of guests seemed to enjoy the game and asked about others to come. Check the Events Tab for more fun events on the horizon!

~ Linda
Cache' Connections

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