Monday, February 8, 2010

Work It Members!

From an administrator's viewpoint, it's quite interesting to observe how people handle their website membership at Cache' Connections. From the outset, we have a pretty good idea about who is going to be successful and who is not. Of course, we realize an important aspect is timing, but the probability increases when members "work the system." In other words, the amount of effort someone puts into their membership usually comes back to them as a measurable return. Although, we must take into consideration that sometimes people aren't ready for dating... usually because of a past emotional hurt that needs to be resolved. But, if a member has all their ducks in a row, there are a few action steps they can take that will greatly improve the odds such as:

*post primary photos in the proper format (this effort shows obedience and respect)
*post other casual photos to give members an idea of your interests, activities, family, etc.
*spend time on your profile, especially explaining who you are and who you're looking for (more on this later)
*evaluate those you have been attracted to in the past and determine why you are attracted to certain personalities and if that is a positive or negative
*make adjustments to past thought patterns in choosing a connection
*prayerfully look through your connections with an open heart and mind to all possibilities
*send a communication to anyone who might be a possibility commenting on something of interest you found in their profile
*follow-up with any replies you may receive
*continue to communicate on the Cache' Connections website until you have developed a secure relationship (Review Safety Tips)
*start talking on the phone
*meet for a short get-together
*evaluate whether you would like to continue exploring the relationship
*of course, pray for direction and guidance

But don't stop here... go to all events that you can! And when you attend events, have an attitude of "you win some, you lose some." Don't just give up after one event doesn't pan out. Remember, you are still gaining experience in dating and meeting new people :)

"You will eat the fruit of your labor; blessings and prosperity will be yours." Psalm 128:2

So, if you're a member, we hope you'll do your part. We're praying for you:)

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