Monday, February 15, 2010

Sweetheart Deals

So do you find yourself measuring your self worth by whether or not your Valentine's Day has a special someone in mind?

I've got two answers for you--one, don't. Number two, both God and you should have someone special in mind--yourself! It's easy to get into "whoa is me" self pity when you are in between relationships, but the reality is God loves you more than you can know, and by celebrating that daily you're more likely to find your lifelong companion than sitting around moping.

Cache Connections offers you more choices than a smorgasbord, both online with matches and with plenty of fun events to meet people. I especially got a kick out of going to one of their Quick Connections events...there's plenty of opportunity to meet Christian friends of both genders and in fellowship in Jesus there's no such thing as being alone!

As Ed McMahon used to say, "you can't win if you don't send it in!"

So get out of that funk, get out of that boat and get out there in faith and friendship. The light you shine meeting all kind of folks online and in person will be a blessing to them and you in the process.


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