Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Enemy is Ousted Again!

Well, you know Satan does not like anything about Cache' Connections and we are always aware that he is working against us. But yesterday was one of those days that we felt we were under attack - coming at us from many directions. After getting together and briefly discussing whether we should cry or pray and settling on prayer, we picked ourselves up and chose a perspective of logic... especially in dealing with a disheartening email from San Diego. We have been working on this event for over a year now and received confirmation a few months ago that we had the okay from the powers in charge and the event was scheduled for May 21st. Things started to get quiet and then we found that there was some opposition from the leadership and singles and much rumination (word of the day) going on. Somehow the word was getting around that Cache' Connections was moving in to take over the singles group! You know how rumors get started and it all of a sudden becomes a reality to people?

After a long, late-night phone conference last week with the leadership to dispel their concerns, things started looking up. Then we received an email yesterday from the leader who is making the ultimate decision who was forwarding to us an email from one of his leaders. The email was full of negatives about Cache' Connections and even compared us to their policy on alcohol on the church;( But once Linda and I were able to set aside our emotions, step back and logically answer all his concerns, we felt a little better. We didn't know what the outcome would be, but knew we had done everything possible to squelch these rumors, but it was in God's hands now. We were tickled to receive an email late last night that the leadership had decided to go forward knowing there would be some hurdles to jump, but felt that it is time to address the "Elephant in the Room" (dating). They stated it was their hope that "emotional, relational and spiritual growth will be the outcome for many San Diego singles."

So... we're going to San Diego on May 21st. Please pray for this church and singles group!


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