Friday, February 12, 2010

Feel Like Hiding Out on Valentine's Day?

Many singles have told us they don't want to go out on this day that is focused around love and couples. Some of them have gone as far as saying they sit at home alone with the curtains pulled, because it's too painful to be reminded of what they don't have and want so much.

We want to suggest a different perspective as we know God's word tells us that we are to rejoice every day and be glad in it! So... how about embracing Valentine's Day and celebrating by showing love to others and yourself? We always feel uplifted when we give of ourselves. I don't know about you, but I find that acts of love are more important than expensive gifts. Heartfelt words can sometimes be the greatest gift of all. Of course, it might help to throw in something chocolate too:)

And then don't forget to show love to yourself by doing something that makes you happy such as going to a movie or reading a good book. And then don't forget that there some great opportunities to get together with your family or other Christian singles who are in the same stage of life. Cache' Connections has many events in several different states and areas. You can check them out at Events Who knows? Maybe what you do this year will change your status next year:)

~ Linda

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