Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Photo Tips

Often times we get emails from members who don't understand the importance of posting photos to their profile. Some common remarks are "my connections should not make a decision on whether to communicate based on how I look," or "I want to remain anonymous... somebody might recognize me." Although we acknowledge their concerns, we have found members are not getting the most out of their subscription if they don't let others see what they look like. Let's face it, we are drawn to someone because we are attracted to them as a whole person which includes all aspects of who they are, such as personality traits, backgrounds, career paths, interests, faith... including a physical attraction. And we know that we are all different in defining what we find physically attractive.

It is a sad, but true fact that we have found if members don't have photos, they are often put right into the "Not Interested" folder. Their connections won't even take the time to look at their profiles, because they want to see to the photo first. We don't understand why someone would take the time to create a profile and overlook their photos.

So we wanted to offer some help! Here's a few tips on getting the best photos possible for your profile:

*Have your primary photos ready before you submit your questionnaire. As a reminder, the photo requirements are a headshot and bodyshot against a plain wall. for more information on primary photo requirements Click Here Remember, these do not need to be taken by a professional!
*Look for a spot with good lighting
*Smile and look friendly! Sometimes leaning forward or a little cock of the head can make a big difference and help you have a welcoming, inviting look.
*Dress age appropriate and take a few minutes to "spruce up." We're not talking about overdoing it here... just preparing in way that shows you were intentional about looking your best.
*Once you have uploaded your primary photos, load some other photos of your choice, which gives your connections more insight into who you are; such as your interests, family and hobbies.

And remember that your photos are going to be the first impression you'll give your connections. So, if necessary, grab a friend and have a photo shoot:)


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