Sunday, February 7, 2010

A new love story announced!

Meet Markita and Derrick:

Markita has been dear to our hearts for the past year or more because she is well known for her very encouraging emails, after first meeting us at a Cache' Connections event. She is on fire for the Lord and Cache' Connections and exemplifies the godly Christian members that we work for. We were privileged to be used by God to connect her with her special guy. This is a great example of continuing to believe and step out in faith:

"It all began in September 2009... I had been a member of Cache Connections for about one year, and was almost ready to give up on ever finding true love, until... Cache Connections had an event celebrating National Single's Week. I couldn't make the event, but all of a sudden, I had a "flicker of hope" inside of me that said, "maybe you should try again..." Right away, I sent Linda a message saying, "I can't make it, but, please look out for me if you see any interesting prospects, and
get me some phone numbers!" I laughed after I sent it, and didn't think anything else about it until.... I got an email from Linda that VERY NIGHT saying,"I think we found someone you might be interested in meeting! We think that you two have a lot in common, so we showed him your profile, and he is very interested in getting to know you, and he should be contacting you in a few days!"

Right away, I was a little leery, and shocked, but I knew Kim & Linda were good judges of character, so I said, "ok." Sure enough he emailed me the next day, and we emailed each other back & forth for a couple of days, then we exchanged phone numbers. When we talked on the phone, I felt a connection with him that I hadn't really felt before. We finally decided to meet up for coffee, and after laughing and talking over coffee until the coffee shop closed, we left there knowing that we wanted to see each other again!

Since that time, there really hasn't been a day that has gone by, that we have not been in communication with each other. We realized that we could be ourselves around each other, and that we fit very well. Our gifts and personalities complement one another! We also realized that we both shared a love and commitment for The Lord, and Music Ministry. My kids just love him, and our families blend together very well!

After several months of dating, we realized that God had a bigger plan for us than just dating... That He had brought us together for a beautiful "purpose." A purpose of establishing a covenant before God & man, to live the rest of our days not as two, but as "ONE." Not just living for ourselves, but for those around us that need hope... hope that it's never too late.... God knows what we need, and He also knows how to get it to us, even when we're not there! We are engaged, and we can't wait to begin our lives together in harmony as husband and wife!

We owe special thanks to the "Matchless Matchmakers," Kim & Linda of Cache Connections! We thank you for allowing God to use you to recognize potential in us, and for seizing the opportunity of bringing us together, and allowing God to do the rest!!!

If you are still waiting for you mate, we encourage you to hold on! God has not forgotten about you.... He has a plan for you, to grant you the desires of your heart, as you delight yourself in Him! Remember, God is Pro-Marriage, after all. He created it! Just when you feel like giving up, He will show up on your behalf, Strong & Mightily, and bring you the Godly mate that He has designed just for you!!!"

~ Linda

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