Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Want Cache' Connections to come to your town?

It's encouraging when we have events and guests are eager to speak with us about having an event in their church. We are always happy to entertain this idea! Our goal is to have three or four larger events per month. Here are a few things to consider about hosting an event:

1 - Size of church and seating for at least 300
2 - Is there a singles ministry? This is not required but helpful
3 - There is virtually no cost to the hosting church. We ask for help with refreshments, a door prize and a worship band if possible.
4 - This is a great way to draw attention to your church and singles ministry because of the marketing for the event
5 - We do all of the planning so it's easy on the host church
6 - CC events provide hope as they find other believers like themselves
7 - ... and that God has a perfect plan for relationships and when following his plan, there can be successful, healthy marriages!

Here's a quote from Keith Langland, Singles Pastor, First Baptist Atlanta, Atlanta, GA . "Kim and Linda are a welcome relief to any pastor as they come with a wealth of BIG event planning and experience. I love how they partner with the local church and recruit volunteers to help. As I personally have gotten to know them over the last several months I've been more than impressed by their walk with the Lord and personal integrity. They have such a vision and passion for the Single adult and pay careful attention to their pain and needs. Cache' Connections is definitely a God thing!"

If you feel your church would be a good host site, please email contact@cacheconnections.com.

~ Linda

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