Saturday, February 13, 2010

Best Valentine's Story By Far

We still think we have the "bestest" Valentine's Day love story. Phillis and Craig, both from the Central Illinois area, are getting married tomorrow after having first declined, then reluctantly accepted positions in The Dating Game in Peoria last fall. What is most interesting is that we had to cajole both of them into playing, asking Phillis three times! Phillis was way too busy with her job, doctorate studies and 13 children, and Craig said, well, this is just not his thing. We kept pressing them out of desperation for good, match-able panels. I was reluctant to ask Phillis because Craig had already declined her profile on the website, stating that he wasn't sure he could deal with 13 children. Kim made me do it!

So, as destiny, God and the game would have it, Craig blindly chose Phillis after she answered his questions to his liking. When the emcee read her bio before introducing the two for the first time, Craig was aghast that he had chosen "the widow with the 13 kids!" His attitude swiftly changed after being captured by her warm, cheery personality.

They quickly fell in love and jumped through all the hurdles of joining families. A May wedding date was set, but was moved up to Valentine's Day! This will be the first Cache' Connections wedding that we are privileged to attend. (Can't wait to get our photo taken with them!) What a joy to see our efforts come to fruition in a God-pleasing Christian marriage of two very special people!! Read the full story by clicking here.

~ Linda

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