Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sweet nothings to Cache' Connections

Yesterday on Valentine's Day Cache' Connections celebrated the third anniversary of our very first day of business, and we thought it fitting to involve our friends in a fun opportunity to win a free one-year subscription by commenting on our blog. Many comments were received through our Facebook pages and here on the blog. This morning the names went into a "hat" and out came AMBER S.'s name! CONGRATULATIONS AMBER ON YOUR ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION at Cache' Connections!

Here are some of the posts:

Markita: Happy Birthday Cache Connections!!! Because of you, I just celebrated my one year wedding Anniversary yesterday with the most amazing, wonderful, godly husband, that you "hand-picked" just for me!!! I am very happy to say that I am more in love today than I was a year ago! I couldn't have asked for a better match! Cache Connections means "hope" to me.... After being a member for over a year, and starting to feel a little discouraged, you came through for me with my "expected end...." (Jer 29:11) You were His eyes, and ears, and hands that brought us together! I feel so indebted to you, and grateful for God establishing you for such a time as this to be an advocate, and intercessor for the seemingly "forgotten" remnant of Christian singles of today. God bless you, and I look forward to celebrating many more Birthdays & success stories with you in the years to come!!!!! Kim & Linda I love you!

Sandra: Cache Connections means a lot to a lot of people. For some it is the pot at the end of the rainbow, the princess in the castle, the knight in shining white armor,a way to self-discover and make improvements we did not realize we needed to make to prepare ourselves for that special person, and to others what may be the end of what has seemed like a futile attempt in doing what God has asked us to do. "Go ye, and multiply..." For me, Cache Connections has taken on a whole new meaning; they are an area of oasis, restoration, recovery, and victory. A kind of Psalm 23 for singles, divorcee's, widow/widower's, and those with hope deferred. For, in Kim and Linda's life, marriage, relationships, and work God is the focus, the center, the beginning and the end of their day. As He should be to all of us, and as they mirror what a true relationship is, I see that is why their success is so great, because they teach the same tools to those who ask and apply them. Thank you Kim and Linda, for being used in God's master design for healthy Christian marriages and relationships and being woven into so many lives. I appreciate the oasis!

Heather: Happy Birthday Cache Connections!! Even though I have not had the chance to be a member, I have enjoyed getting to know Linda and Kim since the beginning. I love the concept and I love their heart. Linda & Kim, may God continue to bless you each day in this adventure as He uses you as a minister to Singles everywhere!
Valentines is not an easy day for Singles. However many years ago, I decided that I wanted to help Couples have a chance to get away and spend time together. So, I would start babysitting on Valentines Day for close friends as a gift to them. This year I did something different. I used the time to spend at my nieces school and helping with their parties. Then I went and volunteered at the YMCA when they were short changed. I know people who try to say that Valentines is commercialized, and it is, but it means so much more than that. I hope married couples take the time to appreciate each other, and encourage each other and let them know that they are not taken for granted. Happy Birthday & Happy Valentines Day Cache Connections!!!

Becky: Roses are red, Violets are blue,
I'm taking a chance
on romance with You!

Andrea: Happy Birthday. Feb is a great month to be "born" in.

Amber: Happy birthday! I signed up on valentines day last year. No matches yet but I had fun being a member. I hope this year my luck changes in many ways but I would love to participate in am event this year as well as signing up for mentoring help because I definitely need help! I hope I will have a sweetheart to cherish by next valentines day but I think it is just a great way to really show your soulmate that your life is better with them in it! :)

Vicky: Cache Connections not only provides a way for a person to meet others it also offers guidance for those tough questions that arise from dating.
Valentines Day is a day set aside for someone to show their mate just how much they mean to them. A way to say thank you for the love and support that has been provided the rest of the year. When one is alone, it is a time to see the love that is shared by others.

God has a clever way of continuing to confirm that He is in this business with us, and We wouldn't have it any other way! Thanks everyone for participating :)

~ Linda
Cache' Connections

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