Monday, February 7, 2011

Cache' Connections Blind (and not so blind) Dates

The Cache' Connections Arranged Blind Date services were launched at the beginning of the year, and we've had many takers already! We've also had many questions about this service, so here's the story:

This idea actually sprang from a client with a very public profile who asked if we have any "a la carte" services. He's hesitant to have a profile online, so wanted some personal assistance on the Q.T. Naturally, we said, "We can do that!" And we were off. First, we took some time to get a profile on him through a phone conversation. Then, we set out sifting through our database to find women who met his criteria - a huge task. (As a side note, we share your frustrations that some members don't have photos; a picture really is worth a 1000 words.) We soon had John Q. Public connected with a sweet lady in his area, and we are continuing to work with him on finding his Ms. Right.

So as a natural progression, Kim said let's do this for others. Since most of our single friends are online, I had to ask the obvious, "Why can't they just do it themselves?" Her short answer was: "They just aren't."

Here are some reasons why folks are taking us up on these blind and sometimes not-so-blind date arrangements:

1. They aren't interested in online dating; not good with computers, typing, etc.
2. It's a fun risk to take, and dating isn't happening any other way.
3. A single has had his or her eye on someone they met at CC events but can't seem to pin him or her down - my personal favorite reason :)
4. Their attempts at dating and/or choosing whom to date haven't been successful and they want some expert assistance.

There is a lot of flexibility with this program. For instance, the $75 date arrangement fee is negotiable, either the asking party (client) can pay it all or ask the other party to pay the remaining $25; the meal can be paid by either party or we suggest "Dutch treat"; we can keep the connection completely blind or get permission to release names and contact information ahead of time; we can make the dinner reservation or you can. A lot of variable, a lot of possibilities! For more information, click here.

As always, don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your personal situation.

Here's looking at you, kid!

~ Linda
Cache' Connections

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