Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year - New Decisions - New GREAT Special!

As the New Year approaches, this is a great time to "rethink" how we've done things in the past and develop some new approaches in many areas in our life. So what about evaluating your approach to dating? If you're interested in meeting a like-minded believer, are you looking in the right places? Are you putting yourself out there to meet others? God reminds us over and over in His word that we must take action steps of faith. Even though online dating may be something new and different for a lot of people, maybe it's time to give it a try. As Pastor Keith Langland told us when we held an event at Charles Stanley's Church, First Baptist Atlanta, "If it lines up with God's word, then why put God in a box? He can work online just the same as He can anywhere else."

So we encourage you to prayerfully seek God's guidance in joining or renewing a membership at Cache' Connections. There is not a better time to get started!

FOR ONE WEEK ONLY (through Jan. 3rd) - we are offering an incredible special - 50% OFF THREE MONTHS OR MORE AND DOUBLE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION! In other words, with the promo code DOUBLEDEC, you will receive 1/2 off any membership period of 3, 6 or 12 months, but that's not all! We will also DOUBLE the length of your membership! See the adjusted prices below:

$64.95 - 3 months - Now 6 months for $32.48
$99.95 - 6 months - Now 12 months for $49.98
$149.95 - 12 months - Now 24 months for $74.98

But, the best special of all is our Until Married Membership which offers a savings of $210.95 at a cost of ONLY $139.00 with the promo code UNTILMARRIED. You will also receive a free DVD, Christian Dating - Redefined. This special only lasts through Jan. 3rd.

for all Subscription Plans.

We look forward serving you throughout the New Year!

Kim and Linda
Cache' Connections

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