Friday, December 10, 2010

"It's great to be on the leading edge of a movement ..."

Member Ray, who is in his 50's, became a member about a year ago. At that time, he was anxious for us to find him a wife. We've seen a lot of growth in him over that period of time, and this testimonial displays that growth far better than we could describe it:

"Caché Connections has raised my level of awareness of the possibilities that are available and are yet to be realized.

The new DVD produced by Cache' Connections, Christian Dating ... Redefined has been life-transforming for me. I have grown immensely from the support that I've received from the leadership, the volunteers, fellow participants, the resources (live events/online/books/chat/blog etc.) and the intercession by the prayer warriors of the Caché prayer team that I know and sense are there, but wish to take no credit for their perseverance in prayer.

More than just a dating service, Caché Connections is a comprehensive solution to the relational challenges that I have experienced and has given me much hope and helped to strengthen my faith in this critical area of my life.

I see Caché as augmenting, not replacing, other avenues for growth and opportunities to fellowship with and befriend Christian women. And Lord willing, date and marry a godly woman. However, Caché is specific and intentional in its purpose and mission and that is so desperately needed, given the disillusionment that many singles experience in our society today.

It's great to be on the leading edge of a movement to change the impasse many singles face in the relational scene where men and women earnestly desire God-honoring friendships, dating relationships and marriages.

May God continue to richly bless those involved in Caché Connections, whether you are in leadership or a participant! I have great hope for the future of this organization, and my hope is that you are in my prayers as often and fervently as I am in your prayers."

Ray has realized the importance of looking at himself and the kind of husband he will be, rather than just having his desires met. We have great hope for Ray and for all members who are willing to do the hard work of looking in the mirror and tending the garden of their heart before attaching that heart to another.

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~ Linda

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