Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Dating Strategies, Anyone?

The end of the year always provokes thoughts of what might happen next year. Of course, we know that usually the things we want don't just "happen," but we have to take those action steps of faith. So we asked our Facebook friends, "Is anyone planning some new strategies for their dating in 2011? (married friends need not apply :" Here are some of the responses:

Kim - Yep....I'll let you know how it works out. Let's just say the same ole thing wasn't working. :)

Taylor: Yep, moving!!! Plan on fishing when I find another pond!!! Not that the fishing's bad around here, I've just got some others from my school that I'd kinda like to swim around!!!

Debbie: yes linda, I will just patiently wait for prince charming to come knock on my door. :) But I heard that it doesn't really work.

Rosanna: Yes giving up!

Les: I'm swearing off dating next year. Of course I'm kidding...maybe. I guess just praying about it more that God will direct that area!

Larry: i have friends who need a new strategy -- or maybe just a strategy. pass all suggestions along to me.

Shannon: I am open to suggestions, since I have obviously been unsuccessful so far!

Ray: Working on myself to be God's best person, staying sensitive to the leadings of the Holy Spirit and getting out there and meeting people and being their friend. Taking sensible action when opportunities present themselves. A major theme from our Church Christmas service was "Do not be afraid." We all need to step forward in faith and reach out, and trust God that our hopes and dreams will work out - in His time - if only we will trust - and I am talking about me here, as well! My prayer for everyone who has a desire for someone special will be encouraged, as I have been in 2009 and 2010, and that this coming year will be a breakthrough for you!

Jo: I'm going to continue to pray and reach out to meet new people through Cache events and the website.

Lorri: Being open to opportunities that come my way; remain positive and trust in the Lord for He knows what is best for me.

These are some good ideas. Stay tuned for more strategies, compliments of Cache' Connections.

~ Linda
Cache' Connections

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