Monday, December 13, 2010

49 and holding - really?

....well, this is the title Linda put on her Facebook.  You always wonder if people are joking when they say this, but in Linda's case, it's the truth!  I'm looking forward to next year when my biz partner turns 50 so I can razz her like she did when I turned 50 a year and a half ago.  

So Happy Birthday yesterday to Linda, my "almost famous" biz partner of Cache' Connections :)  As I commented Friday, the term that always comes to mind when I think of our relationship is "iron sharpens iron."  It is crazy how God put us together for this business and how we are so different, but yet compliment each other so perfectly for this mission we have been given.

I often think how grateful I am for Linda's persistence and attention to detail;  (although her emphasis on grammar can drive me crazy at times.)  Speaking about persistence - sometimes I wonder at how she keeps making those phone calls even though we can feel so discouraged it's hard to pick up the phone.  Linda is also so gifted in personal relationships with people since she is more of a sanguine personality.  Definition: The Sanguine temperament personality is fairly extroverted. People of a sanguine temperament tend to enjoy social gatherings, making new friends and tend to be quite loud. Many of our members consider Linda their friend as she doesn't mind spending time talking with them about their personal issues and concerns.

Overall, it is interesting to see how far we've come in learning how to work as a team and adjusting to each others personalities and skills.  I can't imagine having a better business partner to do what we are trying to accomplish through Cache' Connections, which is sending a positive message to society about forming relationships under biblical principles.  And really, I consider it somewhat of a miracle that we are able to work so closely together on a day to day basis and still get along after four years :)

So, I want to send Linda my wishes for a wonderful year full of God's blessings and favor!  And if you get a moment, send her a bday wish if you haven't done so already.  You might want to find her on Facebook at Linda Martin.

Have a great week everyone - and get those presents wrapped and cookies baked!

Cache' Connections

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Linda said...

Awe gee thank you Kimmie!