Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dicey New Year's Eve Party Plans

It's time to make your New Year's Eve plans! We hope to see many new and old friends at our NYE Party in Schaumburg, IL at Pompei Little Italy. This event will launch our new Cache' Connections 4-on-4 Connections.

In our ongoing quest to figure out "what the people want," the only thing we know for sure is that "it" always needs to be changing. (Ironically, we thought that "it" always needs to be inexpensive, but that notion has been disproven by our recent Cache' Connections Mixers, which have been priced around $40.)

So back to being different ... they've loved our CCLive! events, our game shows, the speed dating, conferences, the dinner parties and coffee connections, but it seems "they" especially like when we change it up. So for 2011 we are busting out an old favorite dice game commonly known as Bunco. Ever played it? It's absolutely perfect for singles! You may be thinking: Bunco? Isn't that a ladies-coffee-clutch type of game? Don't be fooled! We've talked with some men who have played and enjoyed it. There's even a large group in Raleigh, NC who plays several times a year ... and the men often out-number the women! What a good problem to have!

So after we all enjoy an Italian buffet including assorted pizzas, pastas, salads and lots of desserts, we'll let the games begin! It's very simple to learn and score, so you can chat as the game goes along. But roll and pass quickly, as the more you roll, the better your chances of being a winner! You will combine your score with your current partner, but after each round, the high scoring team will move to the next table ... but switch partners. Whalaa!! Perfect! Oh, and be sure to keep track of your personal Bunco's (which means, for instance, rolling 3 ones during the 5-minute session of rolling for ones.) You'll have a large fuzzy dice tossed at you, and you may win a prize for most Bunco's or last player to roll a Bunco.

We'll take a short break between each round so that you can relax and chat. The games should end around 11:30 pm, just in time for prize awards and pouring the non-alcoholic champagne for our New Year's Eve toast. So come roll in the New Year with Christian singles. Of course, connection cards will be available to share your contact information. CLICK HERE for all details and to get registered!

Have a great weekend!

Cache' Connections

For a better idea, here's our draft of the playing instructions:
1. There will be 6 rounds in each set of game.
2. We will play 3 games.
2. Each round will include 5-minute segments,
First round rolling for ones, next round rolling for two’s,
then three’s, etc.
4. Player continues to roll as long as they are scoring points, then
pass the dice to the player on their left
4. Players will keep track of their individual Buncos per round
by making a harsh mark on the line at the top of score card
5. When someone gets a Bunco (i.e., roll 3 ones when rolling
for ones) he should yell “Bunco” and the last person
who had a Bunco will toss the stuffed dice to him. The
last person who holds the fuzzy Bunco wins a prize
6. The team with the highest score for the round will move to
the next table. Partners are switched at each new round.

-Players will keep tally of their own rolling scores on back of
score card:
1 pt. for each target roll
5 pts. For 3 of a kind (non-target)
10 pts. For Bunco (3 of a kind – target)
-At the end of each round, players will add their score together
with their teammate and enter the score on the appropriate line on
front of score card.

Prizes: Most Bunco’s, Lowest Score, Highest Score, Last Person Holding Fuzzy Bunco

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