Thursday, December 2, 2010

The DVD Reviews Are Coming In!

Even though we think our new DVD, Christian Dating - Redefined, is fabulous, we are aware we might be a little prejudice.  Therefore, we have sent our newest release out across the nation to several churches of varying sizes and denominations to get their feedback.  Here's just one of the excellent reports we're getting:

Linda, I have just finished watching “Christian Dating Redefined” that you were so kind to make available to me. I will have to tell you that as one who has not been in the dating world for over 38 years, this was a really interesting DVD. I see it as an incredibly valuable tool for our Young Adults Ministry, and will pass it on to Pastor _______ to watch and use.

I was so pleased, but not surprised, to see the foundation of Christian dating being built around real, authentic Christianity, using Scripture as the basis for the teaching. Dr. Simpson explained his points and thoughts clearly and concisely, and I am motivated to buy his book to add to my library.

I was particularly pleased with the way he handled the section on Healthy, Holy Sexuality. Once again, his message was clear and left no wiggle room for any misinterpretation. The sections on Authentic Dating, and Electronic Communication were also favorites. They were very important and timely. I am impressed.

Thank you once again for making this available to me and New Covenant. 
Blessings, John

If you haven't had a chance to preview the trailer, check it out HERE.  Also, you can find more information about this DVD on the website HERE.  If you're a single's leader or pastor, we'll be happy to send you one for free.  Just CONTACT US.

So, if you know of someone who might be interested in some concrete, life relevant dating advice based on a biblical foundation, please help us spread the word!

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