Friday, September 3, 2010

Was it something I said - in my profile?

Sometimes we get emails from members who are discouraged that they are not receiving messages or replies. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. Here's what one man wrote recently:

As of now, my success rate is at zero and holding strong !! Every woman I have contacted is not interested?? Not sure why? Maybe it's something in my profile?

Let me pontificate once again that Cache' Connections always encourages members to send a return message, even if there is no interest. It's easy to say something like: "Thank you for your interest, but I do not feel this would be a good connection. God bless you in your search." Trust us, people do appreciate knowing where they stand, and would, by and large, much rather get a message like this than be left not knowing a) if the message went through b) if you are seeing someone c) if your membership has lapsed d) if you fell off the face of the earth.

Here was my response to Mr. Zero Success:
Thanks for the quick and open response. I took a quick look at your profile and don't see anything glaringly distasteful, although it appears you haven't taken the time to have your primary bodyshot taken against a plain wall or door. Doing this helps send the message to your connections that you are intentional about your membership. Perhaps you haven't met the right one yet, or it could be the content of your messages. It's hard to tell. You might want to consider our mentoring services, where we work with you on a personal level over two weeks on such things as your bio, communications and help with your connections. You can click this link for more details:

Further, have you attended any Cache' Connections events? Many people prefer meeting people in person. For sure, a combination of both methods would open you up to more possibilities.

What would be some red flags that would be deal breakers for you?

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Anonymous said...

Deal breakers: No indication of location (City, State); change of attributes (one day you're slightly overweight, the next day you're 'athletic'); in the essay section, saying how you want your match to be (Proverbs 31, etc.) without saying anything about what YOU bring to the table; indicating that you engage in self-destructive habits (thanks for the honesty, however); unflattering photos (it's worth getting someone to take at least one good pic of you-- friend, neighbor-- get a second opinion; no very casual or sloppy attire-- men are not the ONLY ones who appreciate a nice appearance!!)