Thursday, September 23, 2010

Announcing CC's First Area Coordinator!

It's often been suggested and has always been a part of our business plan to establish "chapter leaders' or "area coordinators" to host events and build the membership base for Cache' Connections in local areas. For almost a year now, one of our members has done a fabulous job of serving as a hostess for most of our (smaller) Chicagoland events. We first met Kelly (shown at top) at our very first event at Calvary Church in Naperville in November, 2008. She served as a volunteer and her organizational and people skills were soon evident.

As I recall, we first turned her loose to handle her own events on Valentine's weekend in 2010. She zipped around Chicagoland, handling a host of bowling/connection events with confidence and professionalism. What is interesting is that as Kelly "stepped out of the boat" to serve, she also "stepped into" LOVE found at one of these bowling events. She and Glen had been connected on our website, Cache' Connections, in January 2010. Both were somewhat interested, but put the match aside. They met up at a bowling event in Homewood, Illinois, the next month where they were on the same lane. Kelly was surprised when Glen started talking to her, having thought that he would never be interested in her. Long love story short, they have been in an intentional dating relationship ever since! Many of you have met Glen and Kelly, as they now serve most of the Coffee Connections events together. We love how they give hope to our guests!

But back to the topic at hand ... Kelly has accepted a part time position as our first Area Coordinator, wherein she will be organizing and promoting events for Cache' Connections in Chicagoland and possibly beyond. Kelly is open to suggestions and even did a poll at the last mixer that she hosted. Some great ideas were presented such as hayrack rides, service projects, game nights and dancing. We're game for all of that! So stay tuned for some new opportunities to connect with other Christian singles in this area - and please spread the word to your friends so that guests can continue to meet new people!

Please send your event ideas and possible venue locations to Kelly's first priorities are a hayrack ride(s)/bonfire and scheduling a New Year's Eve event.

Cache' Connections

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