Sunday, September 12, 2010

Now what are we up to?

These are a few photos from yesterday's video shoot in Peoria, Illinois. We flew in Dr. Stephen W. Simpson, author of the book we often chat about, "What Women Wish You Knew About Dating." We are putting together a series to set a new model for Christian dating. God answered our prayers for good weather and brought the sun out just as we were finishing up inside of Peoria Pizza Works - yum!

From there we headed downtown to what seemed to be a deserted area, but saw many passers by, as well as others having their photos taken. One curious motorist even stopped his car to take a video of what we were shooting! He must have thought whatever was going on was very important!

Today we'll be in a few other outdoor locations and our extras are standing by. We're thankful for all involved in this project and look forward to seeing the final videos and launching them. We can't give too many details just yet!

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