Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More Matchmaker Assistance? You Decide!

Our wheels are always churning at Cache' Connections (if you hadn't noticed) on new ways to get people together. An idea has been presented that we'd like your opinion on. I will withhold the names to prevent any favoritism or bias.

So ... you know we have the Cache' Mentoring Services where we work with a member over a two-week period, helping with their profile and bio, photos, communications and connections. This process has helped many members over the past 8 months or so. It's a bit time consuming, as it usually involves 3 to 4 phone conversations, along with both parties reviewing all possible connections. The regular price is $139, but is on sale for $55. Click here for details.

One of us has presented the idea that people still need a little "operator assistance" to get engaged in the matchmaking process. Many seem to need suggestions on whom to contact and maybe what to say on a first or second message. So, for about $25, we would review your profile along with those of your connections and suggest you send a message to A, B and C. We would also write to A, B and C and let them know we have suggested this connection. This would probably all be handled via email.

1. People value the opinion of the matchmakers and as stated, need a nudge.
2. Takes the burden off of the one initiating communication; i.e., "Kim and Linda suggested I write to you ..."
3. We've seen this work through the mentoring program.

1. Aaaahhh, another wheel to create.
2. Shouldn't the members be doing this for themselves?
3. We would possibly be pulling possibilities from members' "Not Interested" folder.
4. Much of this type of matchmaking suggestions has been done through the recent dinner party invitations and mixers.

So, what are your thoughts? Remember, you can post a reply anonymously :)

~ Linda
Cache' Connections
p.s. Okay - maybe the photo does display author's bias ...

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Anonymous said...

You ladies are moms with big hearts and I love that. I think it may be too much, though, to offer this option--- even though the intentions are not without cause.

We singles, especially the shy ones, could certainly use a boost, a nudge. What about having something like a "Reach out and touch your contacts" day where you simply promote and encourage EVERYBODY to send a simple hello to EVERYONE in their connections basket that they've never contacted before. Everyone. A simple "hello" (and more text, if someone so desired) will help to open up a communication channel. There'd be no pressure or stress about rejection-- everyone can give a courteous hello-- and you'd be giving the shy ones a good "excuse" to do so!