Monday, September 13, 2010

Video Shoot - Day 2

God could not have provided more perfect weather for our shoot on Sunday. We began at 9:00 am at Grand Prairie mall, and our female shoppers showed up right on time. They had fun playing the scene out with the guys. Dr. Steve delivered his lines once again like the pro that he is!

After a quick lunch, we reconnected at Bradley Park for the last scene, where we featured a couple that was on their first date. Because it was such a gorgeous day, there were many others out enjoying the park, so we had to play a little bit of "bad park cop" and ask them to keep their voices down. Everyone seemed to be respectful of the shoot.

Now the editing begins! We believe the title to the series will be "Christian Dating Redefined." What do you think? The DVD's should be released yet this fall.

As a side note, today we resume fasting and praying for singles desiring marriage. So grab a juice drink and a friend and pray for women and men to deal with whatever issues may be holding them back from forming relationships that last.

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Anonymous said...

This project looks exciting!! Can't wait until the big reveal!