Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Surprise Success Story!

We know they're out there... Cache' couples, I mean.  But the frustrating part is that they don't always let us know they have found success at Cache' Connections.  Once in a while we hear through the grapevine that a couple has met through the website or at an event and are dating and it saddens us that we're the last to know. 

Well, we were quite surprised by an email we received last week from Fred who wanted to tell us that he and Felicitas were married this summer after meeting through the Cache' Connections website.  He's a man of a few words, so we don't have many details, but here's what he had to say, "My lovely bride Felicitas and I met through your service and were married this summer.  We know that God brought us together and wish to thank your service for being the medium through which it happened. We met in April 2009 via the Cache Connections web site.  We were married in June of this year and know that it was God who brought us together.  Thank you for your service for it allowed us to meet!"

So, congratulations Fred and Felicitas!   We are so happy for this couple.

By the way, if you are dating someone you met through Cache' Connections, or married for that matter, and haven't let us know, PLEASE TELL US!  We love to hear about the fruit of our labors and how God is working through Cache' Connections and changing lives.

And for those out there who haven't met your special someone yet, let this story serve as hope that God does care and he will work on your behalf in his timing.  Just keep believing in faith and doing what you can to be a healthy dater and also putting yourself in the company of other believers.

Have a great week and enjoy this beautiful weather!

Cache' Connections

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