Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Two Free Weeks! (It really is totally free!)

Just a reminder that Cache' Connections is offering a FREE TWO WEEK MEMBERSHIP to any new or inactive members through August 12th. This offer is entirely NO STRINGS ATTACHED and does not require any payment or credit card information. We would just like you to have an opportunity to experience what membership is like at Cache' Connections.

But here's the challenge - we are asking you to invite up to 5 FRIENDS OR MORE to join the website for free also. Please share this link with any and all Christian single friends and acquaintances, even if you're not sure if they're interested. Just imagine if you invited 5 friends and they invited 5 friends.... Not only would you be helping connect Christian singles across the country, you would be joining in a vision to send a message of healthy, biblically-based relationships to society. And it is very possible in helping someone else, you could be helping yourself. Because, if your friends invite their friends, maybe one of their friends is the perfect connection FOR YOU!

So before you get up from the computer, we urge you to take a minute or two and share this offer of two free weeks at cacheconnections.com to your friends recommending they consider joining and inviting their friends. Who knows what God has in store for those who are helping to spread his plan for relationships?

Here's how to receive your free two weeks:

-click Join Now
-agree or disagree to the basic four non-denominational faith statements
-fill out the sign up page on the Cache' Connections website at Cache' Connections with your name and email
-STOP when you get to the billing page
-CONTACT US from the website requesting your free two weeks

-- CONTACT US from the website requesting your free two weeks

If you have forgotten your login information, don't hesitate to email or call 309-550-5580. We're happy to help!

~Kim and Linda
Founders, Cache' Connections

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