Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Long-Awaited Return to Northern Chicagoland!

As you know, Chicagoland is so widespread that it is often thought of as a state instead of a metropolitan area. In fact, some of our friends in other states naturally assume that we live in Chicago, just because we live in Illinois ... and we just go with it :) Since the driving distance from one tip to the other of Chicagoland is over two hours, we have requests from the different points of the "Chicago compass" to hold Cache' Connections events in their particular areas.

We are happy to report that our friends in northern Chicagoland will have an opportunity to come out for a fun-filled night at the Cache' Connections Christian Dating Redefined Conference and Expo on Friday night, August 26, 2011. The event will be held at The Chapel - Barrington campus. This means that all of our friends from The Chapel, Willow Creek, Life Changers, Harvest Bible, and other surrounding churches can come together with Christian singles to enjoy this unique night of fun and fellowship, with just the right amount of dating advice thrown in for good measure.

There's lots in store for this night, including plenty of socializing, games, prizes and challenges afforded by several area vendors, a viewing of the Cache' Connections Christian Dating Redefined DVD, refreshments and more socializing! Here's the schedule:

7:00 - Cache Connections Expo
8:10 - Cache Connections Welcome
8:15 - Icebreaker Activity
8:20 - Christian Dating Redefined - DVD featuring Dr. Stephen W. Simpson
9:15 - Vendor Prizes and Refreshments

Our thanks to The Chapel Singles ministry for helping to support this event, and to all of our great sponsors! You can CLICK HERE for a list of sponsors, more details and to sign up for this event. See you up there!

~ Linda
Cache' Connections

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