Monday, August 1, 2011

This is the God Who Redeems

Today's blog post is taken from the weekly group that fasts and prays on Mondays for singles desiring marriage. To subscribe, click here.

Hi Fast.Pray. Friends--

This is our last Monday fasting and praying until September. We are fasting and praying for good marriages for those who long to be married and for the courage for men and women to become more marriageable--to be willing to change where we each need to change. If you can, fast during what would be lunch. And if at all possible, find a friend with whom you can pray.

For the last two weeks, we've talked about envy. Judging from the comments, the discussion has hit home. We're glad because none of us wants to be indwelt by the green-eyed monster! But we're also glad because, more broadly, the purpose of this blog is to help women (and our few, brave male subscribers) know ever more deeply that 1) you are not alone in your struggles and desires and that 2) there IS a bigger picture, framed and indwelt our by an actively present, loving God. In other words: our longings (and sin & aches) matter AND God is at work for big purposes, right where we are. Each week when Anne (McCain) Brown and I pray by cell phone, we pray that God would multiply the power of the prayers of the fast.pray. subscribers in personal and cultural ways that are wildly disproportionate to our numbers. "Do beyond what we can ask or imagine, Lord!" we pray almost weekly.

When we kick back off this fall, there are some other sub-topics we want to touch on: s@xuality, lust, relational mistakes & wounds, friendships & community, more people (& men in particular) entering God's kingdom, and--always--embracing the journey of faith. But, as we go into August, let's go remembering who this God is before whom we fast and pray. Because at the end of the day, our triune God is the center of his people's hopes, longings, purpose, freedom, strength, healing, joy..... This is the God who redeems...

* He is always with us and everything He has is ours. (Luke 15:31)
* He calls us to practice today what we he has revealed to us so far. (Luke 6:46)
* He see us and his heart goes out to us. (Luke 7:13)
* He honors our faith. (Luke 8:48)
* He can set us free from that which binds us. (Luke 13:16)
* His heart can be filled with compassion towards us. (Luke 15:20)
* He knows anguish (Luke 22:44) even as he knows how to throw a party (Luke 15:23 & 24)
* He loves for us to keep knocking & asking, filled with faith (Luke 18:1ff)

These are some of my favorite attributes about our God. There are so many more. Take some time in August to meditate on Him. And eat some ice cream, exhale whenever possible, and play with some of the people you love. Meanwhile, feel free to post your thoughts throughout the month, and we'll look forward to reconnecting come September.

Many Blessings, Connally

Have a great week!
~ Linda
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