Saturday, August 13, 2011

Abstinence outdated? Really? A member vents ...

We received this email recently from a Cache' Connections member:

Hi Kim & Linda,

I need to vent!

I can't believe that there are so many Christians out there that say they can not commit to abstinence or that its outdated and an unrealistic expectation. REALLY? Outdated? Unrealistic? Then I guess that means that Gods word is outdated and unrealistic! I find this to be very disheartening along with those men out there that let themselves go physically and then expect to find a women that is in good physical shape. REALLY? Now to me THAT'S UNREALISTIC! These guys need to wake up. A good Christian woman like myself wants a good Christian man that is committed to living a sanctified life.


Cache' Connections


Anonymous said...


And, if a person "can't" commit to purity, why should they be expected to commit to ANYTHING else?? It gives an immediate read on the priority --or lack thereof-- that God has in their life. Totally a RED FLAG comment in a profile!

Anonymous said...

The Blessings of Obedience to God's Word are far better than the pleasures of disobedience of the flesh! It will be worth the wait!!!

Anonymous said...

For Christian men that find it hard to commit to abstinence (or any other virtue) before marriage, please work through the issue before dating a woman who you know is committed to purity. What you struggle to uphold beforehand is only going to get that much harder when lined up with the stress and pressure that married life can bring-- especially in today's world where commitment is mocked and often fleeting.

Anonymous said...

As a man, I can say that it is very tempting to give in to sexual desire, especially with what the world tells us. However, a real man would respect God's word and the desire of a woman to remain chaste. This is something that should be discussed openly and with sensitivity. A woman should be understanding about a man's sex drive and be careful not to tease him or send double messages. I seriously doubt that a man who pressures a woman to have sex is a real Christian, though.

Anonymous said...

I so totally agree!! As a woman who ALSO has a strong drive, I am not saying it is easy but I put God as my husband therefore I am committed to remain pure and expect the man I am with to NOT pressure me! A man who cannot commit to purity before marriage isn't a man I want leading me as I look to Christ as His beloved daughter! What would you men say if someone wanted to go to bed with "YOUR DAUGHTERS" before marriage?