Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Don't write someone off" too quickly, says this happy member

We recently contacted one of our personalized clients who has been dating a Cache' Connections member that we suggested to her a few months ago. I was asking for an update, and she was happy to tell me their status and she also included some encouraging words for us, and for you. With her permission, here are her words. (The names have been removed to protect their privacy.)

Thanks for asking...yes, things have been going very well and ___ and I have been spending lots of time together and we are very serious about one another and have already been talking about a longer term future with one another and marriage. While we've been dating for close to 2 months, it has seemed like we have known each other longer. We connect on many levels including around our faith. Thanks for calling us to each other's attention because we may not have picked each other out left on our own entirely. We do want to take the time, of course, to prayerfully continue to get to know each other. It has been reassuring that our friends that know us well are supportive and approve of the match and we've met some of each other's closest friends in the area and have been attending each other's churches with each other and starting a weekly devotional time with each other (___'s idea--among the things I love about him!) Thanks for the prayers on our behalf individually and as a couple now!

Because of how you all with God's help have helped me to meet ___, I've been passing on information about Cache ... Despite the ultimate lack of success in previous attempts in my life to be proactive, I do feel it helped prepare me to be ready for the gift of ___ in my life and that I learned a great deal. I do encourage Christian singles, as God leads and helps them, to be open and to be proactive even if it means going a bit out of their comfort zone and risking in faith.

Perhaps in addition to what I've said already is that I started out with Cache ambivalent (and also tired and weary from previous proactivity and not sure what else to do and unable to afford or unwilling to afford personalized services and with low level of faith to want to invest in that) but willing to give it a shot for personalized services because it was a generous God-inspired gift from a friend AND for ___, I know you had conversation with him, because he was resigned that he might remain single but in conversation with him you asked him if he still thought about marriage and mentioned you didn't think God just had singleness in mind for him if he had thought about marriage.

Your having us consider each other when his profile didn't show up in my connections at first perhaps because of age cut off I set and calling attention to my profile with ___ really helped us get connected. I think I didn't have enough to go on in his profile with what he wrote and often photos don't fully capture a I'd say for people to really give a chance to meeting people in person and to not just "write someone off" because of not enough info on what they wrote on profile, profile photos not being as attractive as you'd like or perhaps there being a little bit out of what one thought in terms of age range...

Well, couldn't have said it better myself! For more information on the Personalized Services or the Cache' Connections Mentoring Services, visit

~ Linda
Cache' Connections


Anonymous said...

what is the age difference? it is great that they seem to be connecting with each other but I would advice plenty of time to get to know each other before jumping into marriage

Anonymous said...

WHY are people so hung up on the age difference? It is hard enough to find someone compatible, and then something arbitrary like age is the "deal breaker"

WHAT IF, all things being equal, that person is RIGHT for you and you for them in every way possible except the "perfect" age. Are you going to "throw out the baby with the bathwater"???