Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Will it Play in Jacksonville, FL?

The Cache' Connections Expo is just 2 1/2 weeks from launching in a new market - Jacksonville, FL.  We initially met with Pastor David Wheeler at the SAM Conference for single leaders a few years ago in Daytona Beach.  At that time, he supported what Cache' Connections was about, but didn't think his church would agree with holding an event.  Fast forward one year and we invited Pastor David to speak at our own Cache' Connections Disney Conference in Orlando.  Again, when approached him with the idea of hosting a CC event at mega church New Life Christian Fellowship, he didn't think the leadership would approve.  And then in the fall of last year (2010), we became acquainted with another single staff member from the church, Carey, who decided that New Life needed to have a CC event, and he got the ball rolling.  And whalah - here we are, about to launch in a new area at this amazing church!  Wow, you never know how God will work and through whom, but we definitely have discovered not to give up completely when there's at least a crack in the door.

And, since this is a new market, we really have to work on getting the word out to a community who has never heard of Cache' Connections.  So we have been reaching out to churches in the area and beyond, newspapers, Facebook, event calendars and Christian radio.  So now we sit, pray and wait to see if they'll come...

More details to come tomorrow, but here's the link for more information - Cache' Connections Expo - Jacksonville.

Cache' Connections

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