Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Where's the Expo?

That's really kind of a wrong question. We've talked with a few people in the last few weeks who seem to think there is only one Cache' Connections Expo coming up. In fact, there are FIVE Expo's coming up in the next few months, and more to come.

So what's so extra special about the Cache' Connections Expo? Well, as you may know, we've been sponsoring events in larger churches over the past few years with a lot of success. However, it is increasingly challenging to book such events as churches oftentimes have a full calendar that is booked a year in advance and a LOT of red tape. There will still be some Cache' Connections events held in churches, Lord willing, but we've decided not to let these closed doors slow us down. In fact, we're speeding up! By hosting the event at a public facility and inviting local vendors to promote their businesses, we are free to go just about anywhere in the country.

Our first Cache' Connections Expo was held at Calvary Church in Naperville in November 2010 and was considered a huge success with approximately 250 singles and 30 vendors taking part. The twist for vendors is that they have to provide a game or activity and prize(s) for the singles to engage in at their booth - which is a win-win for everyone. The feedback from the singles was tremendous - they really enjoyed the casual atmosphere and variety of ways in which to meet and connect with new friends. (One man finally confessed it was nice not to have to sit and wait through worship and a speaker to get to his main agenda, which was meeting people.)

Different regions seem to be able to support different twists in the Cache' Connections Christian Dating Redefined Expo, so some will have a speaker, some will feature a showing of the Christian Dating Redefined DVD, and some will just show the trailer of the DVD. In all cases, we will be promoting healthy, authentic dating with a biblical approach, which is part of the mission of Cache' Connections. If you feel your area has some strong singles ministries that would be willing to support such an event, give us a shout!

So where's the Expo?

1. 4/2/11 Jacksonville, FL - New Life Christian Fellowship
2. 4/9/11 Naperville, IL - NIU - Naperville Campus
3. 5/20/11 Peoria, IL - Northminister Presbyterian Church
4. 5/21/11 Springfield, IL - U of I Springfield, Brookens Auditorium
5. 6/18/11 Cincinnati, OH - Sharonville Convention Center

CLICK HERE for all upcoming Cache' Connections event details.

See you at the Expo!

~ Linda
Cache' Connections

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