Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Instant Turn-offs

There's a saying that you only get one chance to make a first impression. That is true both online and offline. Although at Cache' Connections we encourage members to prayerfully consider each connection, we'll probably never completely stamp out the "shopping mode" that is common in online dating. That's why it's crucial that members have good photos and a well-written, authentic profile.

In person, it's a little different. One of my friends asked me to conduct a poll asking: "What are some things that cause you to immediately respond with a "no" to a possible connection, and do you think you are ever too quick to decide?" To me, most of these sound like no-brainers, but just when we think we've been preaching to the choir, someone will say "thanks, I needed to hear that." So here are the comments:

Jean: if they seem wayyyy too into themselves.

Beth: crude language, sloppy dress, no manners, no eye contact, too sappy.

Cari: .too sense of humor....arrogant/know it all....loud/obnoxious...too quick to decide? Is the first 5 seconds too quick?

Vicki: I hate to say this, but looks do play a fairly important part. Just being honest here.

Nicholas: Bad dental hygiene.

Trisha: Common interests are a good connection.

Cari: Personality is a major connection too.

My two cents: being a close-talker, wandering eyes/bad eye contact, talking about self too much, spitting when you talk, bad breath, sourpuss/negative attitude, oh how about food on face or clothes?

Any additions?

~ Linda
Cache' Connections


Dave said...

Smokers. I won't exclude someone from friendship because they smoke, but I wouldn't want to be in a relationship with a smoker.

Anonymous said...

For guys, turn-offs in women are:

Arrogant, cocky, puts others down
Too negative/critical
Poor hygiene
Not interested in what I have to say
Doesn’t smile
Loud, obnoxious, rude
Very overweight
Frumpy, dumpy, dowdy dress and appearance
Old-looking – complexion, makeup, hair
Disingenuous, sneaky, untrustworthy
No ambition or motivation
Overly-ambitious, steps on people, ruthless
No sense of humor
Smokes, drinks too much

Turn-ons are:

Clean, clear skin
Sparkling, white teeth
Stylish dresser – not necessarily latest style, but looks sharp
Friendly and pleasant personality
Perky, bubbly personality
In good physical shape
Good conversationalist
Good listener
Interested in what I have to say
Unassuming personality
Open and honest
Nice hair
Common interests
Confident, but not overbearing
Mysterious, sexy
Good sense of humor