Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Dynamic Duo

Many friends and even pastors have referred to Kim and me as the "Dynamic Duo." I guess that's a good thing. For over three years now we have been "dueling it out," having created and built Cache' Connections out of nothing but what we felt was a calling from God. And it's a good thing he laid this passion on our hearts, or we might now be called the "Defunct Duo." But each day, God gives us enough drive, wherewithal and fortitude to keep on keeping on. And some days, we see the light ...

... as in the days when we receive a call or email that someone has made a love connection and they state they owe it all to Cache' Connections

... when those who are still actively waiting report that they find hope and encouragement through Cache' Connections

... when we receive a call from the media wanting to write an article on Cache' Connections

... and yesterday we even saw a glimpse of one of our biggest dreams. We received a call from NBC - USA Network, who is gathering information on a new reality TV show they are considering. Details are on the down-low, so we won't mention the premise of the proposed project. The representative who called had just seen the clip of Cache' Connections being featured on Metro Cafe TV featuring one of our relationship expert partners, Emily Shupert. We've talked about a reality TV show over the years, but of course that's a huge endeavor that we couldn't manage with our current resources.

But as I wrote yesterday, with God all things are possible! So we're going to keep plodding along at the pace God sets before us. We know that as long as we stay focused on Him and give Him glory and thanks for all the wonderful things He is working out through Cache' Connections, there is no limit to what He will do. Join us for the continuing adventure!

~ Linda
Cache' Connections


Anonymous said...

That is wonderful, ladies! Your heart and devotion to the call of helping Christian singles is evident. May God continue to bless and multiply your efforts!

Lea said...

I would be perfect for the dating show they are developing!