Sunday, March 13, 2011

What are women looking for in men?

This weekend's poll went like this:

We received a call from an attractive, educated upper 30's guy who wanted our opinion on what women are thinking.... he said, "what exactly are women looking for in a guy? What do they want to hear from me?" Sometimes we forget that both genders really don't understand each other. So we're conducting a poll to help him out. Your thoughts?

Not surprising, the women were anxious to share their wish lists:

Andrea: I want to hear from a guy that he is strong. That he can and does make good common sense decisions.

April: I would love to hear things like, come join me in this adventure! I want to do this with you. I want him to be real.

Tom: Agreed; but just remember, no matter how "Christian" that man is, he can go through seasons of self doubt, lack direction, etc. No man has it "all together" all the time.

April: Tom, true, nor do we ladies have it all together. I want to find someone who is a real as they can be. I'm reading John Ortberg's book "The Me I want to Be". It all about being who God created you to be and to live life to the fullest!

Stacey: You know what speaks to me... I first love to see how dedicated he is to Jesus. I love to watch men cry in church. Not a bad cry, but a humbling in spirit, and crying because they are overcome by the Holy Spirit and how good God is. Then, I think what speaks to me is the DESIRE to want to understand a woman. Not to fix her, but to do his best in trying to understand. It's a process of putting aside his masculinity and focusing on her needs. I think when women see that a man is preferring her over what he ought to do, she begins to prefer him over what she ought to do.

Heather: Well for myself but i know most women share these same feelings as well . We tend to look for a man who is humbled knows the Lord and has a relationship w him . We look for man who is strong , well educated that has a good stable career who that is finanically stable and responsible and has a vision for his life. One that will guide us and lead us treat us w love and respect.

Amber: I want a man to be confident enough to speak to me first, let me know he is interested in knowing about me and wants to tell me about who he is. I want honesty and not a sales pitch. And never would I want someone to change for me, I want to see him how he truly is. ;)

Stacey: I know it was discussed before about men vs women doing the first asking. But, Heather touched on something that I think the reason why many women want a man to ask. It is the first stepping stone to show to a woman that he will take lead in his family. If he has the confidence to go boldly to a woman, he has confidence to lead boldly and come to the Lord humbly. It takes a lot of strength to know you are nothing without Jesus. We need to see spiritual strength as well as personal strength in character.

Enza: To be a faithful man of God is a given...then he must know how to capture the heart of a being able to share his deepest thoughts and feelings, to speak from the heart and to lead with humility

Anne: Every single thing these ladies said is so true and said so well. I completely agree. I need to see first and foremost that he is in love with my Jesus. I want his primary goal to seek God's will in his life. I also want him to pursue me so I know that he will lead my and our family. I want to know that he knows about love and respect from the biblical perspective. I also want him to serve. I want him to be involved in some type of ministry. I am in my 30s and looking? What is he looking for in a woman??? :)

Lisa: Here is what I look for in a man... (35 up man who lives in AK.) Lol
1a. Saved man and equally yoked in the spirit
1. Women want a man who exhibits confidence (or power)
2. Women want a man with a sense of humor (fun)
3. Women want a man with money or the things money can buy (sense of security)
4. Women want a man with looks (protection and attraction) Me personally...I like fit man who takes care of himself.
5. Women LOVE a man with a plan and ambition.
6. Women want a man who will offer a sense of security, to know that her partner will be there if she becomes sick or when she grows old.
7. Women want a generous man, not a tight-wad.
8. Women want a man to treat them like they are the sexiest woman on the planet
9. Women want a man who makes her feel like she's the only one, a man who will go the extra mile for her.
10. Italian descent would be a double plus. ( :

Andrea: I want to be the queen to his king. We all say we can do it on our own but the truth is we all want someone to be strong and protective. Someone who will use the Lord as his sword to defend his family from worldly evils.

Maria: I am looking for a man who really lives out the fruit of the Spirit. Not perfection but definite evidence of trying to live like Christ. Also, someone who gets to know me enough to be able to tell me the good things he likes about me. I agree with the others who mentioned that every woman wants to feel special. I want to know that he's attracted to me but also that he appreciates the great aspects of who I am. I echo intelligence, humor, and a sense of purpose that others have mentioned.

Lisa: We are called to show Gods love toward human kind. Love is a choice and free will act. If God makes people come together in marriage, then he is infringing upon free will. Otherwise he would intervene in divorce. As we reach out and love "ALL" people we open up our hearts to find like minded people. Instead of having "marriage" as the brass ring. Try having "loving" as your goal with no expectations. Then you won't be so focused upon "What does she want or how can I mold myself into their image." The more we become love the more we become a sought after person. I am a firm believer that what we are, we attract. Of course we can not become anything with out HIM in us and working through us. I urge my single friends to refocus on that goal and lets all see how our lives are transformed and fulfilled. What we want in a mate, we need to be in a mate! The word said that in the later days, the love of most will grow cold. Lack of loving partners is a part of this. So we must get out and "Find" date, seek and be social if we want to meet potential partners. Just like looking for a job. If your not meeting potential partners, your not getting out and being social.

So guys, your response?

~ Linda
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