Friday, March 4, 2011

Cleavage Patrol

The topic of overexposed cleavage came up recently at the office.  I had to share my experience from a quick trip to a home improvement store which led to a somewhat squeamish topic.  As I was checking out, I noticed the young lady (early 20's) assigned to our lane had on a very low shirt - and I'm talking really low!  Let's just say there wasn't much left to the imagination.  My first thoughts were - "wow, I'm shocked she can wear this as an employee."  And then I noticed the guy in front of me who was probably in his mid 60's and how he was struggling to get checked out and not make eye contact with this young lady.  I could tell by his body language he was very uncomfortable and then looking at the people behind me, I saw them start to squirm also.

So, of course, I brought this up at the office the next day and we decided this would be a great poll topic.  Linda and I agreed there's nothing wrong with being sexy in a classy kind of way.  Otherwise, you just come off looking desperate and easy.  And really, are those the kind of guys you want to attract?  But, here's what our Facebook friends had to say:

Cari:  ok "Um classy sexy is good...but um if you need two sided tape to hold it in you prob have gone too far : ) Just sayn'"

Jim:  "I see much more than is healthy or attractive....."

Eric:  "I have much more respect for those who respect themselves and what God has given them than for those who feel insecure or need to "flaunt" what..."

Stan:  "i don't want a woman who is flaunting her breasts or anything else to anyone who crosses her path. I do want a wife who will flaunt them for private."
To me there's nothing enticing about a woman running around with her breasts showing so much she might as well not be wearing a shirt. Unfortunately I see this too often, and I'm also breaking my neck trying not to look. I prefer women who are confident enough in themselves not to feel the need to walk around almost naked.

Linda:   "it's really not fair to men, esp. Christian men."

Maurice:  "Linda, you are so right! Many women who do this will be the first to call a Christian man a hypocrite. I don't want to hear "What are you looking at?" from somebody walking around half naked and making sure to stay where any men in the area can see her."

Tyra:  "i try not to be openly over the top (no pun intended). but the fact is they're there and people who are inclined to look, are going to look. i can consciously not use them to tempt, but i can't keep anyone else from lusting. they (breasts) also mean i don't get good hugs at church... which i had to learn not to take personally."

Mario:  "I would have snapped a iPhone pictures just to show her!!!"

Larry:  "why does the gal's superior not send her home to change clothes? he should. i guess side hugs are the church hugs to avoid trouble."

Peter:  "Well temptation is temptation....Actually I would get embarrassed for her more so than me. It is hard not to look I must admit..."

Les:  "What are women thinking when they dress like that?"

So there you have it.  As always, we are open for your thoughts, so leave us a comment.

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