Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Thanksgiving Prayer

We came across this beautiful prayer written by Pastor John Vaughn of Bartonville, Illinois:

My God and my all! Dear Lord, make this the frequent cry of my heart! Let me never forget how very truly You are my all. I have never spoken with You my God in person, face to face, yet deep within my heart I know I have been saved by Your loving grace. I speak with You through heartfelt prayer, And I can always feel Your presence near. What a glad and joyous day it was when I first came to you with faith and believed.

There are so many good things which have made my life worthwhile, not only those which I know, but also those of which I am unaware, and every one of these things is a loving gift from You. No matter how much I desire my own good, You think of only my good and provide for my welfare far more than I ever could. How can I ever thank You for the blessings I've received? While You have done so many wonderful things, the ones that I treasure the most are the gifts of love that You gave to me … Your Son Jesus, on a cross at Calvary, and my Comforter and friend the Holy Spirit.

So Lord, allow me to prove my deep gratitude, not just with words on a Thanksgiving morning, but in a way that I know You desire most. Help me to prove it with a daily life which seeks first and foremost to please You. I want to take each gift of Yours today and return it to You by my intelligent and unselfish use of it. In my dealings with other people, grant it that I would treat them with the generosity, love, and consideration which You have shown to me. In all my thoughts, words, and actions today, I hope to shout a heartfelt "Thank You" to You. AMEN.

Have a thankful heart and a happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Kim and Linda
Cache' Connections

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