Monday, November 8, 2010

Cache's First Expo is a Huge Hit!

Months of planning and endless phone calls and emails proved to be worthwhile, as the first Cache' Connections Expo was well received by virtually all who participated! Friday night, approximately 250 singles from Chicagoland came out to enjoy this unique event.

After being greeted by our friendly volunteers, guests were handed a goody bag and encouraged to explore the booths, participate in the games and activities offered by the 35 vendors, and sample their wares. The casual and open atmosphere lent itself to new introductions as singles took on the various challenges and activities. Some of the hot spots were the booths that offered food and drink samples, hand and chair massages, hairstyling, a basketball challenge, twister with a twist (still haven't figured that out - somehow juggling too was involved), but most guests hit each booth to register for their fantastic door prizes! Here are some quotes:

".. and it was a great night last night! I'd say 25 of us or so went out afterwards, so it was a really good night. The Christian singles community around here is really growing and we owe you and Kim a lot for that."

"I had a great time and will definitely be attending again :)"

"I really enjoyed getting to know new people. I also invited several of my friends, so it was nice to see them mingling."

"Linda, what a great night last night at the Expo. I met so many interesting people. It was a wonderful networking opportunity. Thank you and Kim for all your hard work. You guys are the best."

Although considered a huge success by all, this event was not without its technical difficulties. We had put together some videos and photos to be projected during the stage time at 9:00 pm, leading up to the door prize awards. This was the first time that Kim was "techie at large" at an event and I was the sole speaker. Although Kim had run through all of the presentations prior to the event, they would not work when it was "go time." So we had a little lull, a few awkward pauses and almost had to resort to telling jokes while everyone was gathered around, waiting with eager anticipation to see our videos :)

It was decided that "the show must go on" so I winged it and spoke briefly about upcoming events and our new DVD - Christian Dating Redefined. (We were most disappointed that we couldn't project the trailer.) Then Pastor John Absher gave an informal invitation for salvation, which was really appreciated, we heard afterward. God had a plan ... He wanted the emphasis on Him and not our "talking heads!" To God be the glory!

Bunches of great prizes were given away, then we just had a few minutes for a final swoop of the vendor displays and for new members to take advantage of Cache's membership special.

Good teamwork helped to ensure this was a successful night for all, so our thanks to Calvary Church, all of the vendors and volunteers. Many of the vendors reported they were so privileged to be a part of this event, and their contacts have grown tremendously. Most importantly, however, we are always glad to see singles enjoy a night of fun, encouragement, and new acquaintances. Who knows what blessings may be in store for those who stepped out? (New relationship reports are always welcome here :)

Have a great week - and remember to fast and pray today (Mondays) for singles desiring marriage.

~ Linda
Cache' Connections

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