Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Simple "No Thanks" Will Suffice

We often receive comments from members who are disappointed that other members that they've sent notes to do not respond back, if even to say they are not interested. So, every once in a while it's time to address this issue.

Because Cache' Connections is all about being bold, intentional and authentic, we ask our members to respond to all of their messages. "Don't leave them hanging!" It only takes a minute to write something such as this: "Thanks for the message, but I do not feel this would be a good connection."

Here's what I wrote to a member yesterday: Keep in mind that their accounts may have expired between the time you received their profile and when you sent them a message, or they may not be logging in for some other reason, such as exploring another relationship. Try not to take it personally, and we don't recommend writing a very long initial email, or anything too personal.

We know it can feel a little mean ... but trust us on this. We've heard the cries of our people, and they would much rather know that you are not interested ... than to not know and be left wondering. So, be bold. Be intentional. It's the right thing to do. It's always a great idea to respond with an encouraging note, too!

Cache' Connections

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