Thursday, November 11, 2010

Interpretation Please - She Doesn't Like Coffee

Sometimes it's quite a challenge to interpret the meaning behind a response, especially when you ask someone on a date and you get an ambiguous reply. For instance, what do you think it means when a guy asks a girl out for coffee and she says she doesn't like coffee or tea? Here's what our Facebook friends came up with:

1. If she was interested, she would offer up a alternative plan, I would think.

2. some ladies are very awkward in turning down men, I'm not as concerned with rejection at my age, but just be honest....

3. unless she offered a counteroffer I'd consider it a rejection and move on...

4. Maybe she is just being honest and would rather you take her somewhere else.

5. If'n I was a guy, I would ask her if she was interested in an alternative, instead of assuming. Maybe she is being shy. lol

6. I am surprised that someone wouldn't like coffee OR tea...and any place that serves that will ALWAYS serve another beverage alternative. So..IMHO (in my humble opinion), if she declines, it sounds like she isn't interested ...just be honest and say you're not interested. If she is interested, I would think she would quickly come back with another idea.

7. If no alternative is offered, it is a definitive NO!

8. Seriously? Are people really so ingenuine? Why can't it mean she just doesn't like coffee or tea? Perhaps he needs to offer an alternative?

9. I agree with Jim if there wasn't an alternative suggestion its a NO! Remember Dr. Steve says ANY excuse is a NO!

10. I say she just was scared and wasnt thinkin it thru. she might still want to go but her first thought was "i dont like tea or coffee" ask her if she would like to go for a soda would be the best thing.. if you ask for a drink she may think like a beer.

11. My 11 yr. old son says, "its self explanatory she doesn't like coffee, tea or him"

Ha! What other questions would you like us to poll?

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