Thursday, March 4, 2010

What's this about "Intentional Dating?"

To give you more of a taste from the Disney World Getaway singles conference last weekend, we thought we'd share with you what Drs. Tom and Bev Rogers said about "intentional dating" that they have developed. They explained how courting back in the early 1900's was much more intentional, families were involved, conversations were safe and little or no privacy was experienced by the courting couple. Flash forward to "hooking up," "hanging out" and all the confusion that has been brought by and large from the sexual revolution of the 1960's.

To limit the confusion and combat the game playing, Drs. Rogers developed "Intentional Dating," which you can read about in their book, "The Singlehood Phenomenon." This is a relationship that is moving toward courtship. If singles will practice intentionality in their dating experiences, they will attract intentional thinking daters. Intentional dating speaks to integrity. These daters understand that they are hardwired by God for love. Intentional daters know, like, and ARE who they are (no masks.) Intentional daters are conscious of their actions and thoughts - they know what they want and are willing to declare their intentions. Lastly, intentional daters have integrity of intentions, and follow the Golden Rule (do unto others as you would have them do unto you.) They are authentic, courageous and willing to face their fears.

Fears? That's a whole other blog or book. It is true that what is holding many singles back from healthy relationships is fear. Soul wounds from their past (and we all have them - there are no perfect parents) such as feelings of abandonment, rejection and inferiority are hindering their ability to indulge in a committed relationship. Check out "Soul Healing Love" written by Drs. Tom and Bev Rogers.
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