Friday, March 19, 2010

Cache' Mentoring Contest Announced!

So, we've realized that despite the popularity of online dating and the members' true desire to find a special connection, people are still hesitant and unsure how to navigate their way through the process. We often find ourselves giving advice on how and what to say, along with other tips for success. As one former male member (who is now married to his Cache' bride) confessed, "I knew I needed help!" So, we decided to find one special "hand to hold" for a few weeks and spotlight him or her so others can observe and learn a few tricks.

Here's the official announcement:

Cache' Connections is offering free mentoring services from the founders for two weeks to a lucky winner of this Cache' Mentoring Contest! Our mentoring services include suggestions on several items:


In other words, we will help you navigate the website and show you how to be successful in improving your profile, choosing connections and starting communications with connections. We will even contact your connections and suggest they look at your profile and begin communication!

All members are invited to participate! If you have a membership of one month or more, just email us at Contact and include your name and the words "Cache' Mentoring Contest." Your name will be placed in a drawing which will be held on Tuesday, March 23rd. Please note that all applicants must be willing to be spotlighted in emails, on the website, blog, Facebook, etc. Additionally, the winner must be willing and able to communicate with the founders on a daily basis by email, and to upload his/her primary photos. For more information on this contest Click Here.

If your membership is running out or you would like to become a member, we invite you to take advantage of this month's special. We are offering $50 off a 6-month subscription which is now only $49.95. The promo code for this special is GOGREEN50.

*Please note to enter the contest, you must be a current member for at least one month.

We are excited about this contest and look forward to showing everyone how to "work the system" at Cache' Connections!

~ Linda

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