Saturday, March 13, 2010

Catch some LOVE in the air!

We continue to hear of couples who are meeting through Cache' Connections. Jim and Debby connected on the website (and she was the first one to reach out to him)! Here's what Debby wrote recently:

"KIM - LINDA...Jim and I are doing great! He is really a sweetie and sooooo romantic. I would never have met Jim without Cache' Connections. It's exciting to see how God uses CC for his purposes. We are enjoying the journey a LOT!"

Another budding romance stems out of a recent bowling event. Because they are in the early phases, they wish to remain anonymous. But she had this to say:

"___ and I are progressing nicely. We've had some deep conversations this week and are in a great spot now. We are going out for dinner tomorrow night and have committed to being intentional about seeing where God is going to take us. Thanks so much for your prayers and encouragement. You really are making a difference in the lives of single Christians."

God is showing up in big ways at Cache' Connections! We invite you to come on board and see what he has in store for you!

Kim and Linda
Cache' Connections

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