Tuesday, March 30, 2010

George's Picks

As you may know, we launched the Cache' Mentoring Services last week with a contest, in which George's name was chosen as the winner of two weeks of personalized assistance with his membership at Cache' Connections. Like a dutiful "mentee," George called on his lunch hour yesterday. Over the weekend, his homework was to go through his connections and let us know who he preferred and why. George did so, and we quickly saw a pattern. George likes petite gals who are typically blond and in good shape. George had only made contact with a few of these ladies.

Kim spent a few hours yesterday going through George's connections (over 100!), seeking prospective connections. She made notes of some names to suggest to him, and they will talk today.

One thing we want to stress is that when you see someone of interest, it is important to make contact quickly, because some members have very short subscriptions. Also, when sending that first note, try to say something a little meatier than "Hi, I liked your photo. Do you want to chat?" We recommend mentioning something that caught your eye from their profile, such as their hobbies, education, etc. This way, the recipient of your note will know that you took the time to read over their profile and truly found them an interesting prospect. Here's a tidbit we picked up - we read that women should write shorter notes and men should send longer ones.

So ... check back in with us tomorrow and we'll see what George has to say about his matchmakers' advice :)

~ Linda

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