Thursday, March 25, 2010

Meet the new George!

You will recall that George is the winner of our "Cache' Mentoring Contest," and we are working with him to make the MOST of his membership at Cache' Connections. On Tuesday we introduced him with his original photo and bio that he placed on his account. Today we reveal his new photo, taken at the Cache' Coffee Connections event on Tuesday night. Our photographer, Jean Lachat, who always does a fantastic job for us at events, was there to help George out and snap some shots of the activity.

George checked in with us on his lunch hour, and we spent a few minutes getting to know him and re-writing his bio - see below. I commended George for calling on schedule, and he said "well, I'm motivated, and obviously I need help!"

I am a divorced father of a 17 year old daughter and 22 year old son. Having been married almost 20 years and single for about 4, I feel like I’m ready now to pursue another relationship that God has for me.

I’m looking for a woman who is active and enjoys a healthy lifestyle. Having been involved in athletics all of my life, including holding records in power lifting and playing semi-pro soccer, I would appreciate a woman who has an interest in exercise/sports- related activities such as weight lifting, walking and sport-type games. I also watch what I eat pretty carefully as I feel our body is a temple to God and we should take good care of ourselves. Also, I LOVE to cook and would love to have a partner to cook along side of me! Of course, worshiping, praying and studying God’s word together as husband and wife is something I’ve always longed for.

One thing I learned from my prior marriage is the importance of communication. I’m willing to take the lead in this area, regardless of who has been wronged. 1 Cor 13 “the love chapter” is my favorite. Love conquers all – I firmly believe that.

I firmly follow God’s word about not looking at the speck in someone else’s eye if I may have a plank in my own eye (Mt 7: 3-5). I’m not one who is quick to judge anyone, but I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt, trying to see the good in people. Regardless of the outcome of the situation, I would rather take the hurt than cause pain to anyone.

As for children, I realize the importance of both a father and mother in a child’s life. I would never want to replace a father, but would love an opportunity to be a male Christian example and would be open to the possibility of being a stepfather.

Next, we will be encouraging George to communicate more with other members through the live chats and messaging system.

~ Linda

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