Friday, March 5, 2010

"We never would have matched on paper"

This is something that a member told me recently. She and the guy she is talking to met in the Cache' Connections "The Meeting Room," which is the chat room for members. They got to know each other through community chats that lingered into private chats just between the two of them - perfectly alright by us!

We often hear of stories like this. In fact, we spoke to another member last weekend who is near uttering the "L" word to her special guy. She knew he was a solid believer and all-around good guy after their first date, but could not report any sparks. The sparks came after a few more dates. Having spent time with her, we can assure you that sparks are abounding in this relationship!

Too often we find that people are too quick to dismiss their potential connections. They either have too many choices - are terminal shoppers - or have such a strict "must have" list that no one human being can make the grade. We also see singles who seem only capable of taking a relationship to the 3rd or 4th date, then suddenly become disinterested or unavailable. These folks probably have some hidden fears or soul wounds that could be addressed with professional guidance, availing them to healthier relationships!

So the moral of today's story is: think outside of the box! God may have something different in mind for you that will be far greater than you could ever hope or imagine!

~ Linda

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