Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Is Social Networking Replacing Real Life Interaction?

This week's Facebook poll was:

"Do you believe that social networking is preventing people from attending events and otherwise engaging in real life, real time activities?" Here are some of the comments:

Stacey - Yes, and no. For me, yes, but most events cost money to attend, or having the gas/lodging to attend. I have no money. So, I stay close to friends, and socialize with what I can afford, online.

Chris - Regarding every day life, yes. But at the same time I also think fb drives traffic to events and informs people of those events in a way that was never available before.

JoAnn - No. I think it gives people an opportunity to keep in touch in ways we wouldn't have otherwise. People still have the choice to do other things. If anything, the economy is probably still keeping people from doing things.

Ray - To me, online social networking is a tool to help manage the connections I have with friends. Using these tools has increased the time I am spending with my friends in person. I am also more aware of what's happening and that helps to make qualitative decisions of where to go, what to do and whom to spend time with. However, there are a few among us that are only email or phone and then I wish would merge with Facebook. So overall planning still has to be 'cobbled' together for the calendar.

Carrie - Yes. It is nice to "keep in touch" but let's not forget to "touch" in real life!

Bill - I agree. We have lost "sight" of seeing others, in a physical plane. No longer do we need to spend hundreds of dollars, plan and schedule, drive hundreds of miles, to share a hug, when we can now "Skype". I fear the day that comes when we are like those in the Disney movie "Wall-E", a bunch of overweight, listless, lazy species, doomed to our own devices.

Bernie - Engaging in real life yes and this has the fall out of not being involved in "real life" Like Church events ... I think it's easier for the person to hide behind the screen sort of speak and not feel rejected or out of place.

Nila - Not with my singles group at WS Christian Church. We have lots of activities at our church and with individuals. FB actually is a tool we use to stay connected and informed of all the goings on.

Good feedback from everyone! At Cache' Connections, we remind our online members that this is just a starting point, and as soon as both individuals feel comfortable, the relationship needs to be moved up to live interaction: the phone, then a personal meeting. Thus far we have not heard of a totally "e-marriage" but who knows? In today's crazy world it probably exists.

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