Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dating across the Miles

The complaint about distance is something that we hear quite often at Cache' Connections. It seems like almost everyone prefers someone within a 15 minute drive. While that certainly would be convenient, it is not always possible, and if that is what you are waiting for, you might want to pack some snacks for the wait time.

Yesterday I spoke with a lady in the Orland Park, IL area who attended one of our coffee connections events in May. She hesitated to go, and ended up forcing herself to do so. (I wonder what percentage of guests have to do this? Hmmm ...) Since she is a singles leader at her church, I can understand her reasoning, thinking that she will just run into people that she already knows. This was not the case, however. Among many others, she met a man who had driven from St. Charles, IL to the event, which is over an hour away. He had decided to "change flight patterns" to meet some women from another area. He told her that when he walked into the coffee shop, he quickly scanned the room and decided that she was the only one he was interested in meeting. They've been dating for about 4 months now. The distance between them forces them to be a bit more intentional in their dating plans, but it is working!

We have many other couples who live an hour or more apart. One such couple got married in September (GA to MI!) after long-distance dating for one year, and another is getting married this month. We also heard from a member in her 60's who is getting ready to meet a man in person with whom she's been conversing across three time zones! She had this to say: "Because kids or moving are not issues, I set the maximum limit on my settings. It may require more effort and intentionality, but nothing is Too Big for God to handle.... and I wanted the Best connection, not the closest! :)"

If we asked any of these individuals, they would say that their relationship is worth the small hassle of traveling. We encourage you to "think outside of your neighborhood" and be open to God's possibilities for you. Too often we clamp down on our stiff parameters, not allowing much room for God to show us something that may be far better for us!

~ Linda
Cache' Connections

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