Saturday, November 21, 2009

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The Day After.

It actually starts as we are still driving home from the event - "... a three hour tour." Kim chatters to keep herself awake and I grunt every so often to keep her going. This is not my ideal time for strategizing, shall we say. Or doing math in my head, which I've never been good at. The calculator will be there in the morning, I mumble.

We had about 170 guests come out to Cache' Connections Live! Naperville last night, and the vast majority really enjoyed themselves. A new emcee was employed; our member Jim from the Single Spotlight led the way and was able to identify with the crowd as a fellow Christian-single-online-dater. Many chuckles, giggles and guffaws ensued as Jim relayed some of his dating disasters. Jim used humor throughout including somehow comparing Kim and my hair to Rod Blagojevich's. (I think ours won.) I overheard one gent tell him that he enjoyed his fifth-grade humor.

Another change-up was Jim doing an interview of the two of us as opposed to our usual "speech." This was a more relaxed setting and it went fairly well, despite some qualms about the ~unknown possibilities.~ Jim, a former radio show host, was in his glory leading the interview. The green tie guy just might have to make another appearance at Cache' Connections Live!

We can't fail to mention our thanks to Brian Hunt who rocked the place with worship. Those guys (and doll) did a Fantastic job! Dr. Juliet Caceres delivered some personally insightful wisdom on staying the course in the race set before singles. Afterward, we changed it up a bit with a get-to-know-you icebreaker, which everyone seemed to enjoy. We had tons of fabulous door prizes - a good night! AND we met a couple who met on the website 9 months ago and are still going strong. Awe ...

Thanks to our sponsors!
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See you again, Naperville, on 12/6 at Carrabba's and back at Calvary Church on New Year's Eve!


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