Monday, November 23, 2009

Favorable feedback from Cache' Connections Live! Naperville

Friday night's event was a success on many levels! Here are a few comments we have received:

"Linda, thanks we had a GREAT time last night!!!! I made a couple of friends!!! My friend told me all the way home what a great time he had and how relaxed he was the entire time. Brian Hunt and the whole worship team just ripped!!!! They were so hot, I thought the stage was going to burn up!! Speakers were just what I needed to hear. You guys did a wonderful job. I had fun. Looking forward to talking with you again ... Great time!!!" Taylor

"I just wanted to thank you so much for Cache' Connections Live in Naperville and all the work you put into getting it ready. I had a blast ... We appreciate what you two do. I think everyone had a really good time... There were a lot of first timers. The word is getting out. :)" Shaina

"I was at the Cache Connections Live event in Naperville on Friday, November 20 and I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the event! The music was energizing. The speaker, Juliet Caceres, was really great. I thought she had really good advice. I also like your methods for helping people socialize." David

Personally, we were encouraged to meet a couple who have been dating since they were connected on the website in February '09. We also heard about someone who is married as a result of Cache' Connections. Could this be you? Please tell us if you are in a connection so that we can be praying for you! It's such a blessing to see our original vision come to fruition - one couple at a time :)

~ Linda

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