Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Updates on Area-wide Singles Groups

The idea of forming Cache' Connections Christian Dating Redefined (CDR) singles ministries is going over well! So far, we've met with pastors and singles leaders in Peoria, Springfield, Bloomington and Naperville, Illinois. Coming up are luncheon meetings with Rockford, Champaign and St. Louis, and on our radar are Decatur, Peru, the Quad Cities and Indianapolis. As you can see, we are starting these groups closer to CC headquarters and moving outward. As suspected, securing a venue is the biggest challenge, and it takes more time than we'd like to take, but it looks like Peoria and Springfield will be launching early 2012; possibly other areas too.

The feedback on our proposed program has been overwhelmingly positive thus far. Everyone who has had opportunity to hear our plans agrees that it makes sense to work together to minister to singles, and many churches readily admit that they are over-scheduled and understaffed to handle a singles ministry of their own. Most advisers agreed that holding the meetings bi-weekly would be the desired frequency.

So what does a CDR meeting look like? If you are an adult Christian single aged 20 or over, you are welcome! You will pay $5 at the door and be welcomed and introduced to others after checking in. You'll have a few minutes to chat with others before the Area Coordinator gets things underway, starting with an icebreaker. There will be approximately 20 minutes of video teaching from well-respected relationship experts such as Dr. Stephen W. Simpson, Cloud and Townsend, Gary and Michael Smalley, and Andy Stanley. Following the video teaching, there will be 10 minute break-outs called "Group Think" to discuss the topic in small groups. Each meeting will also include a video blog or announcement from Cache' Connections.

The evening will finish off with refreshments and more time to socialize and depending on the venue, possibly remain and play board games or other opportunities to connect.

If you feel that your area could sustain a healthy singles group and your church might consider serving as a host site, please contact us and we can send an informational packet. Also, a volunteer team will be needed in each area.

There's a lot of confusion about Christian dating, and the topic of relationships will never go out of style. After all, God hardwired us for relationships (Genesis 2:18). There's strength in numbers, and with churches working together, we can stamp out society's message of "anything goes" and give Christian singles a more clear path and opportunity to form relationships that are pleasing to God.

~ Linda
Cache' Connections

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